Psychotherapy through an eclectic, trauma-informed,
narrative approach for adolescents and adults.

Eclectic :  I believe in an individualized style of healing and treatment that supports various types of interventions and healing modalities. I have studied and practice multiple types of therapy modalities & interventions including but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic, Guided meditation, Emotion Focused, and Mindfulness mediation.  I am also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Ego states work and use Dialectical Behavioral skills integration. I believe that addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger management in a holistic way can bring about change and healing. I engage healing through improving relationship fulfillment, increasing body & self image, nutrition assessment, life transition support, and recovery from trauma and loss. I am a harm reductionist which means we look for the interventions, solutions and paths which reduce the most harm and create the most healing, comfort and safety.  No two people are the same or have the same story, so we will decide together what works best for you to improve your quality of life and overall health & wellness.

Trauma- informed: I have 15 years of experience working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as survivors of childhood sexual trauma. I have also worked with survivors of community, police and gun violence; Iraq, Afghanistan & Vietnam veterans, and worked with multiple veteran support groups for 13 years. I have 15 years of experience working with people who are looking to change their relationship to or dependence on substances and specifically provide support and care for people with polysubstance dependence and dual diagnosis needs.  In my practice I support people struggling & surviving with depression, anxiety, substance dependence, early recovery needs, unresolved grief and loss issues, stress management, chronic pain support, crisis management needs and post-traumatic stress symptoms. My practice is informed and motivated by the strength and resiliency of those I work with. I identify as a person in recovery from various things. 
Narrative: I believe self-image, self-worth, and comfort with identity come from the stories we tell ourselves and the identities we live in the world with.  By understanding what roles we play in our relationships and how issues and systems affect our lives, we can increase insight and control over emotions and behaviors. We are relational, connected beings; how we view ourselves and our perception of how others view us is integral to our capacity for growth and change. One of my main roles in our therapeutic relationship is to support changes in perspective through externalizing problems & stressors and encouraging strength, empowerment, and balance in your narratives. Another role is supporting self-acceptance, self-love and increased insight on activations & triggers which are obstacles to growth and healing. 

Social justice-oriented payment options: I offer a sliding scale based on income, social location, access to quality care and access in general. Basic sliding scale is assessed based on income and access to financial resources.  This scale runs from $75 – $175.

A secondary sliding scale is offered to BIPOC and QT2S folks where needed and requested.  This scale runs from $45 – $125.  I have low fee and pro bono space available for BIPOC people who also identify as queer, nonbinary, trans and/or two spirit.  These spaces fill up quickly unfortunately but please ask when reaching out for a consult and we will discuss what is possible for you.